With the intention of strengthening ties between Jesuit institutions, Ibero Puebla through its International Division, offers non-tuition Spanish Language Program for faculty & staff from AJCU institutions.

During a two-week program participants will take Spanish classes from 9am to 1pm with the possibility to teach, offer seminar/workshop or explore collaboration with peers in the afternoons.


The course is offered every June and you can choose one or two sessions. 


In 2016 the dates are:

Session I: June 6th – June 17th

Session II: June 20th – July 1st


You will also have time to explore the city and the region nearby; the Cultural Activities Office organizes trips and excursions for the Ibero community, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with Mexican colleagues.

How to apply


  1. Submit your application: You need to complete the Spanish for AJCU Faculty Application, along with documents specified on the form. Please e-mail your application materials in accordance with our posted deadlines: Session I before April 15th, Session II before April 30th.
  2. Once you are accepted Ibero Puebla will send you an e-mail in order to prepare your stay with us.
  3.  Housing Payment: Once you are in Puebla.

See the brochure of the program, it contains important information for you.


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Brochure of the program

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Spanish for AJCU faculty application



We offer the residences hall on campus; it could be single or double occupancy with a cafeteria and kitchen facilities. You can also ask for a room in a hotel near to the campus but we highly recommend you to live with a Mexican family to experiment a total immersion. As soon as we receive your application, we will process the request for a room at the residences, hotel or a placement in a family.

  • Rachelle Kammer

    “I had a fabulous time being part of the Iberoamericana program in Puebla. I was able to come with my family, which made it even more special. I not only learned Spanish, but I learned a great deal about Mexico, and Mexican culture. I highly recommend this program!”

    Rachelle Kammer

    Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Social Service, Fordham University

  • Sofía de Zataraín

    Barcelona fue una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido en mi vida. Es una ciudad impresionante donde conocí a mucha gente de todo el mundo, aprendí muchas cosas interesantes y tuve la oportunidad de hacer muchos amigos y crecer espiritual y profesionalmente. Sin duda recomendaría ampliamente hacer un intercambio en la universidad.

    Sofía de Zataraín

    Estudiante de diseño

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